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Our philosophy is to honor and cherish every woman and family as individuals. At Amena Idir Midwifery, lovingly known as AIM, we believe in not only treating every woman as our mothers and sisters but as we ourselves want to be treated. We hold true that more is more. We provide more love, more connection, more education, more time, more listening, more healing, and more guidance. We invite each individual into a (w)holistic partnership elevating mind, body, and spirit. We honor the energy of birth and AIM to go beyond the standards of care to change the birth narrative for low risk families seeking out of hospital birth. We believe that every woman is whole and provide care for those who need routine well care.

our philosophy

our journey

Amena translates to mean pure and honest. Idir means life. So it seemed appropriate to name a birth and wellness space honest living to describe the care that we provide. We began this season of our journey in 2021 with our first home birth of a young king who was gently welcomed into this world by his parents on their terms in the safety of their home. We knew then that it could be done, and space must be held and even curated to bring young kings and queens earth side.Our boutique practice has been growing and flowing ever since

I see myself in you and I see you within myself. I aim to cherish us both.
- Midwife KaTina

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