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 Community means everything to us. Being able to host events that bring us together to strengthen relationships and build resources to really impact change is a highlight to what we enjoy. We are committed to getting involved and taking initiative to decrease maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates. We AIM to bring perspective to the movement and begin where we can.

Aligned and Melanated

This birth worker and wellness market not only brings awareness to issues in the community but it presents the resources that are present and aligned with making change. At this event we have great vendors and networking but what really makes it amazing is that we have an open and honest discussion about how to  elevate the community side by side with providers and families.

A woman standing at a souvenir store

Birth and Bougie

We get so excited about Birth and Bougie because it is our time to celebrate the year and show appreciation to birth workers in the area. We let them know that they are seen and appreciated beyond the payment of their services. This is also our bonding event to connect with birth workers and encourage balance in their lives to prevent burnout. Because everyone needs a midwife even midwives.

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Listen to Your Head 
Listen to Your Heart

This is our newest project to bring awareness to pre eclampsia, maternal mental health, maternal nutrition and lifestyle and other maternal complications.  It empowers the community to make change and be accountable for our health and wellbeing. There's  more to come but know that we are excited to create change within the current crisis.

Expecting Couple
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