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Beyond more is more, we grow with the flow of each person. We partner with you to create an experience that becomes a pivotal moment in your life. We encourage the elevation of your health and your mindset through education and (w)holistic care. To do this, we must meet you where you are, the whole you. We become family and in a very subtle gentle way, you are empowered to become your highest self which is your truest self. With this mindset, you can do anything. You can birth a baby and you may find yourself rebirthing you. The innergy of birth provides life altering lessons and has a way of growing us all. We use national standards for maternal care as a guide and AIM to provide care far beyond those standards.   


midwifery care

Midwife means "with woman." It is a profession that has been in existence since the beginning of time. Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM) provide primary care to women across their lifespan. As a CNM service, we are able to provide well person exams including Pap Smears, as well as well as STI/STD, UTI, and discharge management.. Caring for individuals during their pregnancies, labor and birth is also our specialty. Midwives are unique in holding a judgement free space. We combine art, knowledge and spirit in our practice providing safe and mindful care. 

Birth began in the home with traditional midwives.With time, more knowledge and technology has developed identifying and treating previous dangers that were seen in earlier times. The birth setting has also shifted with time due to politics and the status of marginalized communities. Even with the test of time, home birth is a safe option for low risk pregnant individuals to give birth within the intimacy of their home with a trained, licensed, and certified professional. The advancements in prenatal care and technology have created safety for high risk pregnancies within the hospital setting and continue to be a valuable asset to the community.


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nurse midwives

Advance Practice Registered Nurses who specialize in low-risk pregnancies and women's health. Known for their gentle approach but are capable of educating, writing prescriptions, ordering and interpreting labs,

performing examinations. CNMs independently provide prenatal care, labor management, delivery of baby, and postpartum care.


A medically trained individual who monitors the labor progress and safety of mom and baby. Combines emotional support with prenatal care training to aid with decision making such as when to go the hospital or call the midwife. Present prenatally and for labor but is not the primary care provider who delivers the baby. This can be midwife or nurse serving in this role.


 A person who provides education, physical and emotional support to a family in labor and birth. They assist with nutrition education, labor prep and gathering birth resources. They are present during labor offering suggestions for position changes, hydration, affirmations, and monitoring contraction patterns. Doulas do not deliver babies, they are very

helpful for support in labor, breast feeding, postpartum tasks, and sharing resources.


Medically trained doctor and surgeon who specializes in the primary care of women across their lifespan including pregnancy, well woman, reproductive conditions and illnesses and menopause. They are specially trained to manage low and high risk cases that may require surgery and medical management. They also perform gynecological procedures and cesarean sections. Order and interpret labs and management complicated treatment plans.

birthing settings

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A facility curated and equipped for natural birth for low-risk families who desire minimal to no intervention during childbirth and/ or water birth. These facilities can be stand alone or connected to hospitals. May or may not accept insurance.

 birth center

Medical facility equipped for emergencies with operating rooms and medical personnel. OB/GYN and Certified Nurse- Midwives provide care along with nurses. These facilities accept most insurance plans..


Births that are not attended by a licensed maternal healthcare provider typically at home. Families birth at their own risk. This is not legal in the state of  Texas.

free birth/unassisted

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